DATE          TITLE

05-Mar-2020     Handbook on the Financial Transactions of the Sangguniang Kabataan 

05-Mar-2020     Regional Conference on Men Opposed to Violence Againts Women and FAM Lecture 

19-Feb-2020     Preventive Maintenance Suspension on Innova SGD 360 

05-Feb-2020     Enterprise Broadband Internet (Fiber) Connection up to 100 mbps  

27-Jan-2020     Repair/Renovation of the Comfort Room of the Office of the Regional Director, COA 9, Z.C. 

01-Jul-2020      Upgrade of Dell Inspiron 15 (5000 series) Laptop assigned to COA ROIX RTU Personnel 

13-Jul-2020     Janitorial Items for COA PSAO Ipil & COA PSAO Pagadian 

23-Oct-2020    Anti-Covid Items for Disinfection 

06-Nov-2020    IT Equipment for Audit Use 

09-Oct-2020     Office Supplies COA Use 

24-Nov-2020     Office Supplies COA Use 

23-Mar-2021     6 Units Desktop Computers - Two Failed Biddings - Instructions to Bidders Checklist 

16-Jun-2021     Covid-19 Supplies 

06-Jul-2021      Office Supplies NOT available at PS-DBM 

29-Jul-2021     Office Supplies 1st to 3rd Quarter NOT available at PS-DBM

05-Aug-2021     Steel Cabinets REAMU 

15-Oct-2021     Vehicle Maintenance 

03-Dec-2021     Firewall 

27-Jan-2022     Chairs - Regional Office 

02-Feb-2022     Postage & Courier Services 2022 

07-Mar-2022     Executive Chairs - RTU 

17-Mar-2022     2 HP Inverter Aircon 

17-Mar-2022     Industrial Fan and Stand Fan 

23-Mar-2022     Speakerphone & Webcam - RTU 

25-Mar-2022     2HP Inverter Aircon RTU 

28-Apr-2022     Supply and Delivery of T-Shirts for COA Anniversary 

11-May-2022     Office Supplies - RTU 

24-May-2022     Tonner with Free Use Fuji  M375Z