04-Feb-2020  Repair/Renovation of the Comfort Room of the Office of the Regional Director, COA 9, Z.C. 
 10-Mar-2020  Catering Services-Regional Conference on Men Opposed to VAW and FAM Lecture (March 12, 2020)
 10-Mar-2020  4,300 Books-Handbook on the Financial Transactions of the Sangguniang Kabataan
 28-Mar-2020  Security Services (Regional Office, PSAO-Ipil, PSAO-Dapitan & PSAO-Pagadian) for 12 months
 13-Jul-2020  4 Units Laptop RAM & 4 Units Laptop Hard Drive with Free Installation
 28-Jul-2020  Janitorial Items and Materials for COA-PSAO Pagadian & COA PSAO-Ipil
 08-May-2020  Covid 19 Items for COA ROIX Regional Office and PSAOs 
 01-Jun-2020  Improvement of Electrical Facilities at COA ROIX Regional Office
 02-Jun-2020  Comfort Room Cleaning Items & Materials for COA ROIX Regional Office, PSAOs and Training Center 
 02-Jun-2020  13 Units Hand Drier 
 13-Jan-2021  Proposed Dirty Kitchen and Improvement of Comfort Rooms as COA Main Building (Early Procurement Activity) 
 13-Jan-2021  Security Services (Regional Office, PSAO-Ipil, PSAO-Dapitan & PSAO-Pagadian) for 12 Months (Early Procurement Activity) 
 17-Mar-2021  35 Units Laptop Computer (2nd Bidding)(Lot 1) 
 19-Apr-2021  6 Units Desktop Computers TFB 
 03-May-2021  35 Units Laptop Computer 2021 
 04-Aug-2021  Office Supplies for 1st to 3rd Quarter 2021 NOT available at PS-DBM 
 13-Aug-2021  Steel Cabinets RAEMU 
 20-Aug-2021  20 Unit Laptop Computers